Templates Pro for iOS App revisa

Buyer Beware

Does not work! Money down the drain!

Waste of money

Total waste of $2.99 - has no redeeming value! This was a ZERO STAR APP

Does not work

Paid $3.99. It doesn't do anything. You can choose a style but after that it gives you no options to do anything else. When I press to select a brochure or whatever, it does nothing. I would like to have my money back, but that likely won't happen. I think some of these apps are frauds with on intent to get your money...don't buy it.

This app is useless

The only thing this app allows you to do Is to view templates. You can't utilize it for anything. Waste of money and time.

Waste of money

I have the pages app to download this app into. This app is grad school at best. Anyone wanting a professional look should look somewhere else. Apps should allow us to look at the templates before we buy. The templates are generic and lack creativity. Disappointing

Awesome App

This is a fantastic app. I know everyone is saying that it's a scam because you can't edit it, well you can edit the templates. All you need is the Pages app. It's a word processing app from Apple. This is NOT a scam. If you don't have the Pages app, then you're screwed. It clearly says templates for iOS.


DOES NOT WORK!! How does this go unnoticed?! This is a complete scam/waste of money!! Do yourself a favor and absorb what all the other reviews are saying!! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

Ripp off

Waste f money . Can't do anything

Templates Pro for iOS

Only put ONE star because you have to choose a star or I would have not checked any stars. This app did not respond to my text input. This app only showed me different templates. I was unable to insert my own texts. I reported this to iTunes and had a very favorable response! I also notified the developer via email about this problem. I should have read the above review!? Do not purchase this app until kinks are worked out! It will not allow you to draft your own texts!

Waste of Money

The only thing this app let me do is see the kinds of styles and designs the was available, nothing else! I was very disappointed.

Plain horrible

I can't open up the templates it is useless I'd like a refund


I can not do any thing with it, i do not know with which program its work, please help me

Nothing, it is crap! Don't waist your time!

I would like my money back

No template for vertical business cards

Considering how modern the templates are, there are no templates for vertical business cards. Update with one, and I'll increase my rating.

Crashes every time

Never seen all the themes, because it crashes more the Steve Wallace on pit road.


No star is more like it. It seems a fantastic idea but just does not work!!! It crashes while scrolling the menu- cannot select a template- it constantly opens another app of mine instead of the template I select.. Out of this apps menu!!! It's just nuts!!! Do not buy - they do not seem to fix it!!! Or update it!!! I will request my money back.. $3.99 I could have spent better!!!

Cant open files in computer

I cant open the files in my lap, what program works for it??


How do you choose a template??

Any email support?

Good themes, however I can't scroll down to see half of them because of a repeatable crash. Rebooting does not help.

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